Posted on: February 9, 2009 7:19 pm

Baseball Needs to "Come Clean"

I am thoroughly disgusted by Major League Baseball and their cowardly lack of action.  I'm no A-Rod fan, and he deserves every bit of grief that he gets.  But what about the organizations?  Why are we all mad at the athletes when we all know deep down in our hearts that the League and the teams at a minimum enabled, most probably encouraged, and possibly even distributed.  We've all heard the rumors that the trainers put out "Leaded" and "Unleaded" coffee and the designation was which one had amphetamines, not whether or not there was caffeine.  

Maybe it's political.  Maybe the owners are trying to weaken the union.  But most definitely they have done nothing to identify or correct the problem.  The Mitchell Report was a joke; George Mitchell was given no powers and thus only had 2 informants that were cooperating due to federal charges prior to Mitchell contacting them.  The new drug testing penalties were so vague and fool of loop-holes when first written that the US government threatened the MLB to make the wording more clear.  And the Mitchell Report admitted it was only a first step in the process, so what further steps has the MLB taken?

This is what I want to hear from the MLB:  "We knew that our players were taking steroids and did nothing about it.  We turned a blind-eye and we are sorry.  All trainers and coaches were aware of steroid use in their players.  Most GMs knew about steroid use and ignored this information in their pursuit of free-agents and contract negotiations.  Some unscrupulous trainers provided players with amphetamines and can no longer be employed by any MLB organization.  We apologize for this terrible misjudgement and have contributed along with the player's union (enter value in hundreds of millions here) to a fund dedicating to ongoing health care issues that players may face due to steroid use.

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Posted on: February 6, 2008 7:59 pm

How do the Giants relate to the Yanks?

So now the NY media/fans/fools are convinced that the Giants win over the Patriots has shifted karma back to New York and the Yankees will start beating up on the Red Sox again.  Come again?  If other sports really had anything to do with a winning tradition in town the Sox and Pats and B's really wasted away the Bill Russell years!  Effin' Mo's!
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Posted on: January 23, 2008 1:24 pm

For starters

Being a born and raised New Englander in the New York City metropolitan area is hard to begin with.  Good old Yankee Thrift is met with sneers and jeers.  Over-spending is expected and almost unavoidable.  Style over substance is the name of the game as well as a disdain for anything not "New York".  Companies will even market butter as New York's finest, favorite or original.  But I digress (for now).

But throw in the ferocious sports rivalries between New York and Boston, and you truly feel like your living behind enemy lines.  The 4 hour baseball games are torture enough, never mind the 20 hours of commentary until the next game.  In the land of 4 dedicated sports television channels and 2 dedicated sports radio stations with several other part-time ones, the homeristic (and I don't mean the Greek philosopher) blather from media and fan alike goes beyond propaganda.  Case in point, Yankee Stadium is the "House that Ruth Built"; the home of the Yankees who have the greatest tradition in all of sports; the greatest place in the country to watch a baseball game;  the championships; the tradition; the pride; the power; the pinstripes; the greatest place in the world for the greatest team in the world to play;  BUT WE'RE TEARING IT DOWN.

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